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Keep This Stock On Your Radar

I wrote an article on FA Trader that talks about a stock I like, and more broadly about the importance of planning ahead.  This company is volatile but fundamentally sound, meaning it can give investors great buying opportunities after big market sell-offs. But in order to catch a good buying opportunity like that, it helps to have it on your … Neu 9 Karat yellowgold Geringes Gewicht Kette 42cm And 9k Alle Zirc Rund Gehäuse

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Closed-end funds (CEFs) are a relatively under-followed type of investment that often provide high income yields. They represent a rather small and inefficient market, which allows patient investors to pick up deeply undervalued assets during periods of weakness. However, because closed-end funds are generally actively-managed portfolios with … Neu 9k 9 Karat yellowgold Box Stil Kette 45.7cm 45cm And Anhänger Schmetterling

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Style: Pendant Main Stone: Mother of Pearl
Secondary Stone: Mother of Pearl

I recently wrote an article on FA Trader that explains how I approach the topic of gold valuation. Gold is a defensive and mostly non-correlated asset class, and historically having a small allocation to it of about 5% improves risk-adjusted returns for a portfolio. However, sometimes gold goes into bubbles or becomes very cheap. This article … Neu Anhänger Jesus Kopf echt silver 925 Sterlingsilver Christus Gottes Sohn Top

I wrote an article on FA Trader that discusses the economy and stock market of India. The article touches on one of the key weaknesses for the country and how to hedge against that weakness. India is a market that I think offers tremendous opportunity over the next 10-20+ years if bought during dips or dollar-cost averaged into over time. You … [Read more...]

Readers can now buy the 2019 Global Opportunities Investment Report: This report looks at 30 international markets, and compares their growth, debt, valuations, stability, and currency strength to give investors insight on where to allocate their money globally. 6 out of 30 countries scored a "strong" rating overall, meaning that they … [Read more...]