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Don't want to be redpilled? Check out our Global New Right File

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Jan Blommaert
6 minutes to read

Emma Watson's Instagram reaction to the Alabama abortion bill accurately exposes the work of framing in public debates, and shows an educational use of social media. 

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doxing, doxxing, hacking, online communities

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Fleur d'Hollosy
11 minutes to read

Describing how quintessential characteristics of globalization can facilitate in the phenomena of doxing. 

This is ... a modern protest song vs a nationalist agenda

Or yellow Grenat Gipsy Anneau 9mm Neuf Jan Dijsselbloem
15 minutes to read

Childish Gambino's protest song "This is America" fueled a whole range of international artists to make their voices heard. In this article, the contemporary protest song gives nationalist propaganda a much needed rationality check. 

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Ai Weiwei, activism, politics

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Ghyli Kirshner
12 minutes to read

Whether pictures of his middle finger in front of national buildings or a recreation of a drowned refugee, Ai Weiwei is not afraid to shock and confront people with his art works.

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Alice Weidel, the mask of AfD’s ‘rational voice’

Aniek van den Brandt
8 minutes to read

Alice Weidel is known as the 'rational voice' of Germany’s far right AfD party. But how rational is her message underneath the moderate veneer?

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Federica Morgandi
9 CT or white Forme Courte Anneau Mariage Diamant
12 minutes to read

Through linguistic landscaping, we see that Asiana Superstore reflects the superdiversity of a neighborhood in Tilburg.

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6mm Dos color yellow & whiteo gold Celta Alianza Article
Anne Sieberichs
11 minutes to read
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The world of YouTubers is diverse and colorful. An example of this big world is male make-up YouTuber Jeffree Star. This article discusses why he is contributing in the LGBTQ community. 

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dying languages, tourism

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Victoria Mohr
9ct gold Boda Ruso Anillo Nuevo 08/05/2019
8 minutes to read

Some estimates say the world could lose 4,000 of its 6,000 languages by the end of the twenty first century (Grenoble & Whaley, 1999). Can tourism help change that?

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Backpack app, apps, millenials, travel, couch surfer

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Lea Goeron
10 minutes to read
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Millennials are a diverse group of independent individuals, who travel more and in all sorts of ways. Although they do not have the same purchasing power as previous generations, they are willing to spend for an 'authentic' travel adventure.

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Anillo con Diamante Curvo Horquilla Nuevo

Jewelco London 9ct or white 5mm Bombe Escarpins Satin Brossé Mariage Anneau

Shannon Verhoef
13 minutes to read
Anillo women Anillo de 750 gold gold yellow con Brillante 0,03 Ct Tw-Vsi

This article examines how videogame Angry Goy 2 constructs its anti-Semitic and white supremacist messages, and if this videogame is ready to effectively enter and succeed in the metapolitical arena.

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Dive into the Mermaidkin's online world

Idhuna Pastoor
18 minutes to read

Have you ever heard of Mermaidkin? It is an online community who identifies with - not as - Mermaids/Mermen. This article is an analysis of Mermaidkin, supported by empirical data from the social media platform AminoApps.

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Diamante y 3 Oval Rubí Anillo Nuevo Article
Federica Morgandi
9 minutes to read

Superfoods are hot, and so is Matcha, the powdered green tea. Matcha is more than just tea, it is a superfood, an identity emblem and a social media phenomenon. 

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Mobile health app, health app, mhealth

When mHealth apps become unhealthy

Kelsey van Tellingen
10 minutes to read

Mhealth apps have become more popular in the last couple of years. Are we losing the connection with our body by using our mobile devices to tell us whether we are living a healthy lifestyle? We need more information about the use of health apps.

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gold yellow con Estampado Hebilla Anillo Nuevo Column
Lola Vos
9 minutes to read

This article discusess the ways in which authors can benefit from social media. What are the different strategies authors can introduce on social media? 


Opale de Feu 6 X 4mm & Diamant 9 CT Bague or yellow

Christopher Sling
12 minutes to read

Few people are aware of the ongoing global presence of Breakdance. Read this article to know why and how the underground art form spread worldwide.

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