cleaning doesn’t have to be
all or nothing.

A simple routine to make your home consistently clean.

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homekeeping SOCIETY

Do you struggle to find the time to keep up with your home? There’s a simpler way with Homekeeping Society.

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clean mama home

Can cleaning be cute and safe? I think so! Clean Mama Home brings natural and organic cleaning supplies to you.

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Clean mama BOOKS

If you like Clean Mama you need to read my books!  Simple, effective, and natural cleaning methods and products for your home!

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Homekeeping Society


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your secret to getting things done.


For years I wanted someone to tell me what to clean and when to clean it.  That’s why I created Homekeeping Society.  It is the perfected, tried and true system that simplifies homekeeping and will become YOUR secret to getting things done.

  • Monthly Focus + Quick Tips
  • To Do List
  • Daily Planner Page
  • Weekly Docket
  • Menu Plan for the Month
  • Informational Page


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Our products really work and
are safe for you and your family!

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